Waste Water Reuse

Sustainable water infrastructure Concept to commissioning Regulatory compliance

"IV Water provided careful advice to evaluate the best value for money solutions that balanced the operational and capital requirements."
- Mark Wiltshire, Power & Water


Waste Water Reuse

Sustainable Water Infrastructure

Water is a precious resource, yet we have traditionally used it once and disposed of it through our sewage treatment plants. Recycling and reuse of waste water saves resources and avoids the need to discharge waste to the environment. With proper management controls recycled water is suitable for a wide range of uses including irrigation and toilet flushing. As part of an integrated water management approach, water recycling is an important way to help preserve our drinking water supplies.

Concept to Commissioning Service

Success of Your Project

To ensure success of your waste water reuse project there are several key prerequisites:

  • Understanding and awareness of legislative framework, project stakeholders, their roles and responsibilities
  • Careful selection of project delivery mechanism
  • Developing robust, 'fit for purpose' economical solutions
  • Planning for optimal operation and maintenance regime

Our team of experts participated in the design and the delivery of several operational waste water reuse and recycling schemes offering full service including:

  • Assessment of treatment options
  • Investigations and regulatory compliance documentation
  • Functional design
  • Costs estimates including CAPEX and OPEX
  • Tenders preparation, assessment and recommendations
  • Advise on HAZOP and HACCOP
  • Specialist Project Management
  • Expert advice during Commissioning and Validation

Successful Operational Projects

Results through Experience

We are happy to share our expertise from successful sewer mining and effluent reuse projects:

What We've Done for Others

  • All
  • Integrated
  • Stormwater
  • Wastewater
  • Maintenance
  • Industrial
  • Guidelines
WSUD Workshop exploring OPEX cost reduction
  • IPWEA WSUD Workshop

  • OPEX cost reduction
Our pride and joy - Melbourne Olympic Park Stormwater Harvesting Scheme
  • Melbourne Olympic Park

  • 52 mill. litres of water annually
Alice Springs Waste Water Reuse Scheme
  • Alice Smart Effluent Reuse

  • 6 mill. litres of water daily
WSUD Workshop exploring OPEX cost reduction
  • City of Banyule WSUD

  • OPEX cost reduction
Improving drainage
  • Fonterra, Darnum Drainage

  • Safety and functionality improved
Integrated Water Management Collaborations
  • IPWEA / DELWP IWM Workshops

  • Collaboration initiated
Stormwater Harvesting at the Botanic Gardens
  • Melbourne Royal Botanic Gardens

  • Improved system performance
Sewer Mining at Yarra Park
  • Yarra Park Sewer Mining

  • 180 mill. litres of Class A water annually
More value and less money. Auditing of contracts
  • Port Phillip Value for Money

  • Service contracts audit
Best practice in integrated water management
  • Water Recycling Conference 2019

  • Best practice in Integrated Water Management
Maintaining stormwater harvesting scheme assets
  • Banyule Stormwater Harvesting

  • Optimal method of asset maintenance
Sewer mining and better reuse of wastewater
  • Sunshine Golf Sewer Mining

  • Design, tendering and project management
Stormwater harvesting guidelines
  • Stormwater Harvesting Guidelines

  • Developing industry standard
Mining and sustainability
  • Moranbah Water Study

  • Developing sustainable mining strategies
Operation and maintenance: best practice
  • Melbourne Sports Precinct Tour

  • Best practice in design, operation and maintenance
Machinery auditing
  • Lafarge Holcim Audits

  • Structural audits of plant and equipment
Mining and maintaining of assets
  • Grantville Quarry Infrastructure

  • Design and implementation
Stormwater treatment devices
  • Road Map Report

  • Stormwater treatment devices performance verification

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